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Will there be any amazingly new marketing trends in 2019?

The short answer is…no. But over the past three years there has been some big opportunities emerge, so I guess the question is, has your business implemented any of these trends?

Many businesses continue to use traditional marketing in isolation, even big ones. The problem with this is that people’s consumption of information has changed.

Yes, they still watch TV and read magazines but they spend 5 hours a day online, have multiple social media accounts and message more than speaking on the phone.

This is not another article about the death of traditional media like newspapers, magazines and TV. It’s more about understanding your customers and communicating with them in the right way so what you are trying to tell them gets through.

Brand and business drivers in 2019

The big drivers of brands in 2019, as it was in 2018, will be more use of great content and the personalization of communication.

Having great brand presence online is not enough

Content in the form of video, emails, whitepapers and blogs will all be important , depending on your industry, but video will continue to see explosive growth.

As online platforms continue to grow into mainstream media channels brands will start to use video content more creatively.

The evolution of video in 2019

I believe an issue for emerging and smaller brands will be competing with the big guys, as they start to build quality video content and spend big on it.
Spending big will be in the form of both production and distribution. The two major issues, I see, for smaller brands is;

  1. Great production has the potential to get greater cut through greater recall and;
  2. Increased spending on distribution (e.g. online advertising) will drive the CPM up for everyone else.
Video Content will be a Marketing Trend in 2019
Video production will get better in 2019

But there is still a way these smaller brands can compete! Most of them operate in areas that are more niche, so the opportunity lies in creating personalized content.

Surprisingly, even with big budgets, many of the big brands do not talk to their customers, like they really know them or like they really care.

So here’s the opportunity for smaller brands and something we talk to clients about everyday.

  1. Focus on creating relevant content that’s going to be interesting and engage your customers.
  2. Don’t place more importance on production quality over your message.
  3. Use all the data at your disposal to create personas (profiles) for your customers.

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